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Welcome to COVERED

Our journey began with a clear vision: to create a place where women have access to stylish and unique modest clothing that fits perfectly. We saw a gap in the market for uniquely designed modest clothing that met our quality standards - too often, clothing was either too long, too short, or simply not available in the style we were seeking. And thus, COVERED was born.

Our team, comprised of designers with excellent taste, carefully crafts each abaya with an eye for elegance, comfort, and versatility. Our core values reflect our mission: designing beautiful abayas that fit each customer like a glove. 

We differentiate ourselves with our unique service, allowing customers to customize their abayas at the time of purchase. This eliminates the need to seek out an external tailor for alterations. At COVERED, the customer is always at the forefront. We listen attentively to your wishes and needs, striving not only to meet but exceed your expectations. 


We invite you to explore our collection and become part of our community. With COVERED, you will experience that fashion and modesty go hand in hand, perfectly tailored to your personal style and needs. 

"We are proud of our journey and what we have built. We are even prouder to dress you in pieces that not only flatter you but also make you feel good. Discover, choose, and wear what best represents you."

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